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Deciding on your wedding cake design, and cake designer, isn’t as easy as one thinks. There are many details involved with determining who to use as well as which design best suits your wants/needs.


Here are a few things to consider:

  • Know your budget – this will help the cake decorator to direct you to a style within your budget
  • Research a variety of bakeries - read testimonials and view the cake galleries
  • Research different cake designs – don’t be afraid to Google cakes and look at different bakeries cake creations to find a style that excites you

When going into a consult, have some ideas of what you want. This will allow the consult to move along smoothly. Try to think of the following prior:

  • Shape of your cake (round, square, other)
  • Fondant or buttercream exterior
  • How many tiers you would like (this might change based on your numbers, but fake tiers can always be added to make a large cake for a small wedding)
  • Bring in 2-3 pictures of cakes designs that have caught your eye (too many designs can cause confusion and indecisiveness)
  • What is the colour theme of your wedding
  • How many guests are being invited?
  • Does your hall provide a dessert?
    • Will the cake be served as the dessert or at the afterglow (late night number can usually be reduced to 2/3 of the invited guests)
  • Are you keeping the top tier?

The decorator may also want to know:

  • Any food allergies amongst you or your guests
  • Location of the reception as well as the room name (if applicable)
  • Special delivery times or instructions your venue may have

A few extra tips:

After the consult, you many need to contact your florist to arrange a delivery time for the cake flower.  Some florists like to contact the cake decorator to discuss flowers. Flowers should always be at the hall prior to the cake being delivered.

Let the decorator know of any topper that may need to be placed on the cake. If the topper is heavy, the baker can bring dowelling to help support the topper and prevent it from sinking into the cake as the cake come to room temperature.

Finally, if for some reason you can not make the consult, always call and cancel with as much notice as possible. Most of the time bakers will have samples for you to try at the consult. Giving them advance notice of cancellations will save them both time and money.


Remember, have fun with your cake. Make it your own. Make sure you choose a bakery that can deliver a wedding cake that both looks and tastes great!



Cheryl has been an a certified pastry chef since 2003 and has worked under some of Niagara's most recognized chefs, including: Michael Olson, Anna Olson, and Peter Storm. These opportunities have given her the necessary skills and experience to start her own business, Cake by Cheryl, offering wedding cakes, 3 dimensional cakes and specialty cakes!

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