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Niagara Wedding Helper Blog - Bridal Hair Pieces - Inspirational Photos

Bridal Hair Pieces:

Inspirational Photos for Wedding Veils, Hair Accessories & Flower Crowns...

By: Niagara Wedding Helper | March 2018

Niagara Wedding Helper Blog - Bridal Hair Pieces - Inspirational Photos

Once you have chosen your Wedding Dress, its time to choose the type of Bridal Hair Piece you would like to use to help "accessorize" you dress. Bridal Hair Pieces tend to come in three main categories - Wedding Veils, Hair Accessories & Flower Crowns:

Wedding Veil: Wedding veils were originally made to be able to cover one's face while walking down the aisle. They are used throughout the world; and have many symbolic interpretations. Today, however, wedding veils tend to be used more as an iconic part of the bridal ensemble. The length of the veil is up to the Bride and tends to depend on and reflect the style of the wedding dress.

Bridal Hair Accessories: Bridal hair accessories are beautiful pieces of "jewelry" made specifically for one's hair. They come in many shapes, sizes and materials. The most common include the bridal comb/clip, headband/tiara, hair flower/vine, or a hair pin. The type of bridal hair accessory chosen should depend on one's personal style, as well as coordinate with the overall look of both the wedding dress and hairstyle.

Bridal Flower Crown: Bridal flower crowns are quickly becoming a popular trend. They can be big and colourful or small and simple. To determine what style of flower crown is right for you, one should consider their personal style, the style of both the wedding dress and hair, and the season that the wedding is taking place in.

Below are some inspirational photos of Bridal Hair Pieces to help you determine the type and style best suited for you and your wedding!


Wedding Veil:


Bridal Hair Accessories:


Bridal Flower Crowns:

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