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In the carefully curated world of social media – should one unplug at their wedding or embrace it and run with a custom hashtag?

There is no right or wrong answer but some food for thought.

What will you and your guests take advantage / appreciate more - an unplugged wedding or a custom hashtag?


Hashtags and Instagram are great – however consider a large part of your family hasn’t figured out IG yet - and of those who have - most probably don’t really understand what a hashtag is or how to use it properly.

Your friends may understand social media inside and out - but many family will have no clue and you will spend hours after your wedding trying to tech support your Uncle and his extended family through how to find and share your photos – there are secure digital alternatives that work great and are user friendly – if you have a tech savvy crew I suggest checking out Google Photos.

Google photos is more secure / private than Facebook or Instagram and offers a ton of features that make it a top contender for compiling and sharing your guests cell phone photos – not only can the bride or groom create and invite guests to a master group – they can track comments, create albums and more on the spot. 


Most couples don’t have a completely unplugged wedding – but are opting for an unplugged ceremony.

Not only does an unplugged ceremony allow you guests to be present and distraction free – it also allows allows the professionals to get their shots without having to compete with Uncle Bob and his iPhone in the aisle. 

Ensuring your officiant is aware of your wishes is essential and a sign will help convey the message - many couples tie their “unplugged ceremony” sign into their decor – allowing them to add a taste of their humour / style.

Let your professional photographer handle the heavy lifting parts of the day – the ceremony, the family formals, the portraits - there is plenty of time for phone photos during the early morning prep and late night dance moves - if you don’t need professional evidence of late night dance shenanigans or the early morning breathing in hairspray you may be able to save thousands when booking your pro photographer.



If you go with a hashtag a few things to remember - always search the hashtag first - there have been embarrassing mix-ups where couples use a common last name or seemingly random letters that turn out to be not so random and stand for something else - also - try to keep your hashtag simple - the wedding I was at that had #mrandmrsmadeofpizza - just didn’t work out so well – whether you want to have an unplugged ceremony or hashtag things up – be sure if you are going to take the time to make a sign make it memorable and effective.


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