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Choosing your Wedding Photographer is an exciting yet daunting task; especially in the Niagara Region where there are more photographers than any other wedding professional out there. Not only that, we are one of the most important vendors you will hire that day (of course, I may be bias). We are the ones who preserve your day. In 30 years it will be our images that take you back to several of the most important moments of your life. If we do our job well, as you flip through your wedding album we will be able to take you back in time and allow you to recall and even feel the emotions that you felt that day. From the very first moments of preparation all the way to the emotions captured during the best man’s speech; Your album acts as a time capsule transporting you back to one of the largest, most expensive and emotionally charged events you will ever plan.

When choosing your photographer, planning is key! After the initial narrowing down of photographers, when you find a few who’s style suits your own and who’s packages line up with your budget, it’s time to start doing the hard work and narrow down that search even further until ultimately you find “the one”. As a photographer I have to tell you, I love a face to face meeting with perspective clients. I think it’s so important to share a coffee and a conversation with someone who you will be building an important working (and for me very often, personal) relationship with. Not only is it important for your personalities to be compatible but when you ask your photographer questions about the details of their business I think it’s helpful to do this face to face.



So, what are those all-important questions that you need to ask a photographer before you sign on the dotted line? I have been asked so many questions over the years, some of the questions have no barring whatsoever (but I answer them anyway!) and some questions are genuinely great, important questions. Below is a list of questions I believe you should always ask a photographer before hiring them for your wedding:

  1. Will you be the photographer shooting my wedding?
  2. Do you bring an assistant and does the assistant act as a second shooter?
  3. How and when will I pay for my photos?
  4. Have you shot at our venue before and if you haven’t will you check it out before the wedding?
  5. Can I add time on to my package? If things are running late and I want you to stay and it’s not specified in the contract will you and what is the charge for that?
  6. Are all the images that I receive edited? And do you do your own editing?
  7. How long after the wedding will we receive our images and how will they come?
  8. If there’s an album in the package how soon after the wedding should we expect that album?
  9. Do you have a backup plan if you are unable to shoot my wedding?
  10. How many images will we receive?
  11. Can we request a list of specific shots?
  12. Do you take direction from everyone at the wedding or do the decisions lie with us (the bride and groom)?
  13. How do you use our images for social media and marketing? What if we don’t want our images out for public viewing?



And honestly, the most important question you can ask any photographer is….

14. Can I see an entire recent wedding from start to finish!!? (any one of us can build an album, a website or a social media page filled with all our best photographs.  It’s the images where the lighting gets dark or the room is cluttered etc. that you want to see. Anybody can shoot ten great images out of a thousand. You want a photographer who will be consistent from start to finish and be able to represent your entire day with the same creativity that you see displayed in their portfolio)

In the end, the right photographer for you is out there! The right style, budget and personality are only a meeting and a few questions away. It will be worth your time invested.

I wish you all the best in your entire planning process!!





Shelly Harrison has been a professional photographer for more than fifteen years. Her laid back friendly approach helps you to be yourself, allowing her to photograph the authentic you. Let Shelly help you capture the most important details and intimate moments of your wedding day!

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