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Tips and Ideas for Planning Your Stag & Doe

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We all know that one of the main roles that the wedding Party has other than standing up for you is the Stag & Doe Party Planning. However what if you´re wedding Party has no experience in this field and you do not want to be left planning your own party. Seem kind of tacky right? Well here is another option. Tell your Wedding party to click to this page and find out what all has to be done.


Here are a few Stag and Doe Planning Tips and games for a Stag and Does that are sure to make the big night a success.

1) Planning: First do you know how to plan a Stag & Doe? If not find someone who does. These people can save you time and money in the long run when you already have the knowledge of what works and what dosen't. You may have thought you remembered everything but you can forget one thing and that could break the entire evening. You do not want to be at a Stag & Doe with lots of food, music, and beverages stacked to the ceiling and prizes that you spotted the money on and only have twelve people showed up and that includes the planner and Wedding Party. Do not count on people showing up at the door. Pre-ticket sales is where you can make the most money. When planning a Stag & Doe write a detailed budget, just like you would for a wedding. Include your projected ticket sales and estimate that if you sell 150 tickets, about 90 people will show up (60%). From those guests, use a typical average of 4 drinks per head to count your alcohol sales. Add another ten percent onto your final figure for gaming and draw sales. Keep these figures on the conservative side.

2) Pick your Venue (Hall): When looking at halls keep in mind that some halls will not allow you to collect the revenue from drink sales. So make sure you ask questions and inform them of what you are looking at doing as far as selling and costing. Sometimes choosing a Friday over a Saturday may lighten the price of the hall and the DJ, but be careful not to lower your attendance by choosing a Friday. Check to see if you are allowed gambling and 50-50 draws. Some halls are free if you purchase food from them, so check!!! Remember if a hall holds 200 you should be ok with selling 250 tickets to people, as many will only stay 2-3 hours and some may not come at all.

3) Assign Duties and find helpers: Since the Wedding Party is hosting the Stag & Doe use them. But if they are out of town or are unable to help get as many helpers as you can, especially ticket sellers. The best ticket sellers are those who are comfortable talking to people and work in the public and a waitress/waiter, Bartender or Sales Person is a good example. You will also need people to run the front door, the bar (if not being overseen by the Hall), the gaming tables, 50-50 draws, and people to relieve these people.


4) Sell! Sell! Sell!: This is extremely important. Sell, Sell, Sell!!! If you want 200 people to show up, you need to sell about 300 tickets. A lot of people will just buy a ticket to help support the couple. The ticket price depends on what you have to offer and what the going rate is in this area. The general price ranges from $5 per person to $8 or a Couple for $10 to $15.

5) At the Door: This would be the area where you can increase the revenue. Most people only do a 50-50 draw where half of the money goes to the couple and the other half to the winner. Others will do draws for liquor or clothing. I have seen other ideas that work well. Have a draw for concert tickets or sporting event. A very clever ideas was having a package that had all the tickets you have needed for the evening i.e. Envelopes with 4 Drink Tickets, 2 raffle Tickets, 20 Silent Auction Tickets the total package was sold at $ 20.00 but if they bought everything separate they had a savings of $6.50 so these sold very well.

6) Prizes: Other than supporting the couple this will entice people into coming to the party and if drawn properly will keep people there later. One big mistake people make when they have lots of door prizes is to use the microphone to draw each and every one. This stops your party dead. It is a good idea to draw a couple of prizes publicly and either have the DJ announce the other winners in between songs or have a piece of Bristol board with the winning numbers posted.

7) What are you Selling: You should of course have the standard liquor and beers available. Drink prices should range from $2.50 a drink to $3.50. Jell-O shooters are very popular and generally sell for a dollar a piece.

8) Don´t forget the FOOD: Instead of purchasing pizzas try having sandwiches and vegetable trays made up. Hot roast beef on a Bun, Pasta and Salads. Having a choice gives people a sense of value on what they are paying for.



Money Making Game Ideas

The Pie In The Face Auction: The honorees of the evening have the opportunity to receive "Pie In The Face"....for the right price of course! 1st method: Individual Bids on each. Highest bidder that night gets to mush pie in the face of the groom and bride to be. 2nd method: (More of a money maker$$$) Whip Cream in tin foil pie dish. $5 bucks for a mush in the face per person.

Crazy Jokers: 52 Cards shuffled. Tape each card on Bristol board face down. Guests purchase cards for $2 or $3 each. Write guests name with magic marker on back of card. When all cards are purchased you then turn each one over. The individuals possessing the Jokers win $20 each.

Toonie or Loonie Toss: There is a special prize of your choice placed on the floor inside a bucket. The choice of prize should be of decent value or need for other guests as well. There are 3 or 4 rounds. Tape mark 7 feet away from prize. Everyone tosses as many loonies as they'd like until they get their toss in the bucket. Everyone who gets it in the bucket gets to go to the next round. The toss line is moved back to 10 feet. The procedure goes as the individuals who get the loonie in the bucket move to the next round. The toss line moves back 3 feet each time until you have one winner. You should end up with a decent amount in your bucket at the end of it all. Important: make sure you plan this game a little later in the evening.. when the tossers judgment is not as focused.


The $100 giveaway: First your need a crisp $100 dollar bill. Display the bill in a plastic sheet on the table where you are selling the guesses. You must conceal the serial number of the bill by placing a strip of Bristol board at the bottom to cover it up. You will have an approx. 34 X 12 inch Bristol board on the table with approx. 100 squares. In those squares are mock serial numbers of the $100 bill. Only one square has the real number. Each person who pays for a guess writes his or her name in the square. Price the guessing opportunities accordingly.

Great Canadian Whack Off: Get a couple of stumps of wood. A softer wood for the women and a harder one for the guys. Tap six-inch spikes an inch into the top of the boy's stump and the girl's stump. Contestants pay $2.00 to whack the spike all the way into the stump. The event is not timed so they are counted by the amount of strikes it takes to sink it. The person that sinks the nail in the least amount of swings at the end of the night wins an allotted prize. Remember a miss counts as a swing and if the nail is bent the amount of taps to straighten it out also counts. This is a good game to play with a lot of egos in the room. If there is a tie at the end of the night, you will have to have a whack off to determine the winner. This can be a timed event. Remember always provide safety glasses.

To Sing or Not to Sing: Place bowls or jars on the drink counter. One jar will be labeled to sing and the other Not to Sing. The object for your guests is to fill the jar with change to a certain line. If the line is passed with the to sing then the Groom or Bride will have to sing. You can also substitute the singing with some other embarrassing event.

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