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Niagara Wedding Helper Blog - Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Ceremony Location

Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Ceremony Location

By: Niagara Wedding Helper | April 2018

Niagara Wedding Helper Blog - Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Ceremony Location

One of the first things you need to do when planning your wedding is to pick out a Ceremony Location. Typically, you would do this roughly 12 – 18 months prior to your wedding date. This location not only represents the place where you and your partner tie the knot, but it sets the tone for the rest of your wedding day. Finding the perfect ceremony location, however, is not always easy. Not only are there many venue options to choose from, but there are many factors to consider as well. Below are some tips to help make choosing your Wedding Ceremony Location a little easier.


Budget: How much are you willing to spend on your Wedding Ceremony? Keep in mind that not only is there usually a cost in renting out a location, but additional costs such as decorations, chairs and other rental supplies must also be factored into your budget.

Wedding Date: What is your wedding date? Is your wedding date available for that location? If you are having an outdoor wedding, what is the average temperature/weather during that month?

Number of Guests:  How many guests are you planning on inviting. How many guests does your Ceremony Location allow?

Your Wedding Style / Vision: First you must decide if you want a traditional wedding ceremony inside a church/chapel or if you prefer a non-traditional wedding ceremony location. If you are going the non-traditional route, do you want your ceremony to be indoors (Reception Hall, Hotel Ballroom, Winery, Barn, etc.) or outdoors (Park, Farm, Large Backyard, Beach, etc.). Is your style more modern or rustic?


Ceremony & Reception: Do you want your Wedding Ceremony and Reception to be in the same location. Does the venue do receptions? What are the costs of the reception at that venue?

Guest Experience: Is there parking at the Ceremony Location? How far is the parking from the actual ceremony area? Is the Ceremony Location near the Reception Hall? If not, how are guest getting between locations. Are there hotels nearby for out of town guests? If there is time in-between the ceremony and reception are there places for the guest to go, or things that they can do nearby?

Check Out Multiple Locations: Don’t get your heart set on the first location you see. It is important to look at a variety of different locations so that you can get a better idea of what you really want and what will work best for your budget and wedding visions.

Schedule A Walk-through: Make sure that you schedule a full walk through of your Ceremony Location. If possible, try to set up more then one walk through and at least one during the exact time you are planning on holding your ceremony. The venue may look different in the morning then it does in the afternoon. Also, figure out your ceremony layout and make sure it is going to work with the location space.


Wedding Day Set-up: Who is setting up the Ceremony Location on your wedding day? Is there an On-site Co-ordinator or Wedding/Event Planner that will take care of this? If you are having flowers or décor, do you have a Floral or Decorating Service setting these items up? Or, do you have to organize the set-up yourself?

Venue Requirements: Make sure you ask about any venue requirements for that location.

Vendor Requirements: Make sure you find out if there are any vendor requirements. Are you allowed to choose your own Vendors (i.e. Officiant, Photographer, DJ) or does the Venue have a list or Preferred Vendors that you must choose from?

Back-up Plan: Do you have a back-up plan or second choice in case your first Ceremony Location choice falls through. If you are having an outdoor wedding, do you have a tented area, pavilion or indoor location you can move to if the weather does not co-operate?


Choosing your Wedding Ceremony Location does not need to be stressful. Keep these tips in mind when making your decision, discuss your choices with your partner, stay within your budget and keep your style/vision in mind.



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