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Niagara Wedding Helper Blog - How to Write a Thank You Letter

How to Write a Thank You Letter...

By: Niagara Wedding Helper | November 2018

Niagara Wedding Helper Blog - How to Write a Thank You Letter

A thank you letter is a heart felt letter written to someone to thank them for either being involved in something important in your life, for helping you with something, or for giving you a generous gift. It is also a way to tell them just how much their generosity or involvement meant to you. When it comes to weddings, sending out thank you notes is an absolute must. Weddings involve multiple people taking time out of their daily lives, usually on more then one occasion, to celebrate something special that is happening in your life. Many of these people will also put time, money and effort into giving you a gift(s). It is important for you, as the couple getting married, to show everyone involved in you wedding just how much you appreciate their efforts. Writing thank you letters for a wedding, however, can be daunting…especially if you had / are having a large wedding. Below are some tips to keep in mind and to help you when it comes to writing thank you letters for you wedding:


When to Send a Thank You Letter: Thank you letters should be sent out as soon as possible after a gift is received. Typically, if you received a gift prior to your wedding date (i.e. shower gift, early wedding gift, etc.), then a thank you should be mailed out within 2 to 3 weeks. For gifts received on or after your wedding date, traditionally a thank you letter should be sent out within 8 to 10 weeks of receiving the gift.


Who Should Receive a Thank You Letter: Anyone who contributed to your wedding any way, or anyone who was a guest in any wedding related event (i.e. engagement party, bridal shower, wedding) that involved giving a gift, should receive a thank you letter. For example:

  • Your Parents
  • Your Wedding Party
  • Your Wedding Vendors (i.e. Photographer, Officiant, DJ, Caterer, Venue, etc.)
  • Anyone who gave you a gift (even if they were unable to attend your wedding)
  • Anyone who attended your wedding (even if they were unable to give you a gift)


Who Should Write the Thank You Letter: Since the guest attending the wedding and most wedding related gifts are meant for both you and your partner, thank you letters should come from BOTH of you. A good suggestion is to set time a side (on multiple days if you have a lot of letters to write) for the two of you to work on the letters together. Even if only one person does the actual writing, both of you should be involved in deciding on what is written in each letter.


What to Write in a Thank You Letter: Since time and effort went into being involved in you wedding and/or giving you a generous gift, time and effort should be put into writing the thank you letters. Make sure that each letter is personal to the specific person(s) it is intended for and written from the heart.

Start off by thanking them for attending the wedding if they were a guest, or for their involvement in the wedding if they were part of the wedding party or a wedding vendor. Tell them how much it meant to you for them to be a part of your wedding and how they helped to make your wedding extra special. If someone was unable to attend your wedding but gave you a gift tell them that you were sorry they were unable to attend your wedding and that they were missed.

If a gift was given, continue your letter by thanking them for their gift. Make sure to mention what the gift was (unless it was money…in this case its proper to say generous gift), why you like the gift, and how you will use it. For example: “Thank you for the beautiful vase. The colours match our living room perfectly and the vase will look amazing on our fireplace mantle.” Or, if the gift was money you might say: “Thank you for your generous gift. We look forward to adding it toward the down payment for our new home, new furniture for our home, our honeymoon, etc.

To conclude the thank you letter, thank the person(s) once final time and then sign both of your names using words such as sincerely, thankfully, gratefully, warmest thanks, lots of love, love always, etc.


Thank You Letter Preparation:  Prior to your wedding or any wedding events, it is a good idea to take your guest list and create a thank you letter check list. This will allow you to remember who gave you what and helps to remind you who you have already sent letters to and who you still need to write letters for. Create a column for your guest’s names, a column for their address, a column to write what the gift was, a column for any special notes you want to include in their thank you letter and a column to check off once the letter is written and once it is sent.


A Few Extra Tips:

  • Write clearly: A thank you letter only goes so far if the recipient of the letter can not read it.
  • Use a good pen: Make sure your pen does not smudge and is easy to write with.
  • Do not type or email a thank you letter: An emailed or typed thank you letter lacks personality and thoughtfulness. A handwritten letter shows that you appreciate gift and/or involvement in your wedding and that you want to take the time to thank them.

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