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Wedding Invitations: Tips on What You Should Include…

By: Niagara Wedding Helper | October 2018

It is now time in the wedding planning process to create and send out your Wedding Invitations. The question is, what exactly is included in the wedding invitation? This article provides some information on what you should include on your actual invitation, as well as what is usually included in the overall wedding invitation suit.


Wedding Invitation: The wedding invitation is the main piece of information in the wedding suit, providing the who, when and where of the wedding.


WHO: There are two traditional ways to include the names of the couple getting married on a wedding invitation. The first way is to include the names of the parents. For example:


Mr. & Mrs. (fathers first name) and (mothers first name)(parents last name)

Request the honor of your presence at the marriage of their daughter

(brides full name)


(grooms full name)

Son of Mr. & Mrs. (fathers first name) and (mothers first name)(parents last name)


The second way is to include only the Bride and Grooms names. For example:

Together with their families,

(brides full name)


(grooms full name)

Request the pleasure of your company as they exchange their wedding vows



WHEN: List the date and time, using words only (not numbers). For example:

Saturday the twentieth of September

Two thousand and eighteen

At four o’clock in the afternoon



WHERE: List the ceremony venue name and address


EXTRA INFORMATION: The following information is info your may or may not choose to include on the bottom of your wedding invitation:

  • If the reception is at the same venue as the ceremony, you may include “Reception to Follow” and the time of the reception
  • Attire details (i.e. casual, semi-formal, black tie)
  • If children are not invited, you may choose to write “Adult Only Wedding” or “Adult Only Reception”

Reception Card: If the ceremony and reception are located at two different venues, then usually the ceremony is listed on the actual invitation and a reception card is included in the wedding invitation suit, providing the details of the reception.


Response Card: The response card is what the guests will check off either yes, they are attending the wedding OR no, they are unable to attend the wedding; and the number that are able to attend. If you are providing a choice in the reception meal, this choice is usually provided on the response card for the guest to check off. If you have a wedding website, this can also be added to the response card, giving guests the option to reply online. Finally, a R.S.V.P. date should always be included. Along with the response card should be a pre-addressed and stamped envelope for your guests to mail back to you.


Directions: It is always a good idea to include a directions card in your wedding suit to avoid any problems when it comes to finding the wedding venue.


Accommodations Card: This card should be included in any invitation suit that is being sent to guests that may require overnight accommodations. All hotel information, from the hotel that you made a block reservation at, should be included, as well as the deadline date for your guests to reserve a room.


Inner Envelope: This envelope is usually decorative and includes the entire wedding invitation suit. This is where you would write all the names of the guests that that invitation is intended for (including any plus ones or children).


Outer Envelope: This envelope is used for mailing purposes. It is here that you write the guests mailing address and place the postage stamp. Since wedding invitations tend to weigh more then regular mail, it is always a good idea to go to the post office to find out what postage you will need.


When to Order Invitations: Typically, 3 to 4 months prior to the wedding date


When to Mail Out Invitations: Typically, 6 to 8 weeks prior to the wedding date

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