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How To Plan Your Wedding Day Speeches...

By: Niagara Wedding Helper | December 2019


The wedding day is an exciting time, not only for the couple getting married, but for the parents of the couple, the wedding party and all the guests. With all this excitement and socializing it can be easy to lose track of the main purpose of the wedding - to celebrate the couple as they being a new chapter in their life. The wedding day speeches, usually heartfelt and hilarious, are a great way not only for the couple to thank everyone at their wedding, but also for guests to gain insight to who the bride/groom are.


Planning out your wedding day speeches ahead of time, who is going to speak, what order, and when can help your reception flow nicely and set the tone for the rest of the wedding. Traditionally, wedding speeches are done after dinner, however, with couples today tending to opt for a less traditional wedding, speeches can be seen taking place throughout the dinner in between courses. Below are some tips on how to plan out your wedding day speeches, both traditional and non-traditional.


The Master of Ceremonies (MC): Traditionally the Master of Ceremonies, or the MC, was either the best man of the wedding or a friend / family member that excelled in public speaking and entertaining a crowd. Now-a-days, couples tend to hire a professional MC, usually from the same company their DJ is from (if not the DJ themselves). Professional MC's have experience in keeping speeches on time and quickening things up or filling in lulls when necessary in order to keep the guests entertained.The MC usually begins after cocktail hour by politely asking guests to be seated at their assigned tables. Once everyone is seated, the MC introduces themselves, welcomes the guests to the wedding and goes over any notes or rules that they are asked to mentioned. The MC then usually introduced the wedding party into the room, starting with the Bridesmaids and Groomsmen, the Mother/Father of the Groom, the Mother/Father of the Bride, and then the Bride/Groom. The MC will then go on the explain the rules of the kissing game if the couple chooses to have one and proceed to introduce those saying speeches at their respected times.


Traditional Speech Order: Traditionally, wedding speeches took place after dinner and speeches usually took place in the following order: The Father of the Bride would give a toast to the newlyweds. The Groom would then give his speech and toast to the wedding party. The Best Man would give his speech and toast the Mother/Father of the Bride. The Brides parents would give their speech and toast the Mother/Father of the Groom. The Grooms parents would give their speech, followed by closing words from the MC.


Non-Traditional Speech Order: With couples today tending to opt for a less traditional wedding, speeches can often be seen taking place throughout the dinner in between courses. The MC usually starts the evening off by introducing the wedding party and then throughout the courses of the dinner, will introduce speakers up to the podium. The Best Man and/or Maid of Honour tend to say their speeches first, ending with a toast to the Bride/Groom. The Bride and Groom, either separate or together will then give a speech and thank their wedding party and guests. The Parents of the Bride usually follow with the Parents of the Groom up next. If the couple has chosen any others to speak at their wedding, now is a good time to schedule those in, followed by closing remarks from the MC.


Speech Tips for Each Speaker:

  • Best Man / Maid of Honour: Usually the Best Man and/or Maid of Honour will start their speeches off by introducing themselves and explaining how they met the couple (give a quick, possibly funny, story on how they became friends and how they met the couples significant other). The Maid of Honour may add in a funny story that happened to the Bride while planning the wedding.
  • Parents of the Bride / Parents of the Groom: Usually the Parents of the Bride/Groom will start their speeches off by welcoming and thanking the wedding guests and raise their glasses for a quick toast to the couples other parents (parents of the bride to the parents of the groom and vise versa). Next they might choose to tell a quick story about their child and/or how they met their child's significant other. Speeches usually end with a toast to the Bride/Groom.
  • Bride/Groom: Usually the couples speech is meant to be more of a thank you speech. Their parents and wedding party should be thanked for celebrating their special day together, along with all the help they offered during the planning of the wedding. The couple should then thank the guests for attending. The couple then will usually express how happy they are to marry their partner and how excited they are to start the next chapter of their life together.


General Wedding Day Speech Tips:

  • Decide in advance what order speeches are going to take place and when they are going to occur. Give a copy of this information to everyone who is expected to say a speech, the MC, the wedding planner, and the event manager at the venue that way everyone is aware a head of time and changes can be suggested/made in order to have everything flow smoothly.
  • Don't force someone into making a speech if they are not comfortable in doing so.
  • Keep speeches brief. It might be a good idea to set a time limit of one to three minutes.
  • Keep stories about the Bride/Groom to something that everyone can understand or laugh at. Don't talk about nothing too personal.

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