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7 Reasons Why Engagement Photos are Important...

By: Niagara Wedding Helper | June 2019


When planning a wedding, one area many couples have a hard time deciding on is whether they should get engagement photos taken or if it is just an added expense to their ever-growing wedding budget. While it is true that engagement photos are not necessarily needed and may not have an impact on the outcome of the actual wedding day, we believe that engagement photos can be a positive and fun experience for couples planning their wedding.


Below are 7 Reasons Why Engagement Photos are Important:


1) Getting to know your Photographer: Getting engagement photos taken allows you to get to know your Photographer and build a relationship with them prior to the wedding. It allows you to get an idea on how they operate and allows you to become comfortable being in front of their camera before the big day.


2) Photographer gets to know the couple: Similar to the above reason where the couple gets to know the Photographer, getting engagement photos done also allows the Photographer to get to know the couple. This photo session allows the Photographer to learn how the couple reacts in front of a camera and how they respond to instructions. It allows the Photographer to build a relationship with the couple and reduce any uncomfortableness the couple has from being in front of the camera. It also allows the Photographer to get to know your personalities and what is important to you, which in turn will give them an idea of the types of photos and details to focus on during the wedding day that are unique to you.



3) Gives the couple an idea of what to expect on their wedding day: Although engagement photo sessions usually only last a couple hours, compared to the actual wedding day where the photographer is typically with you the entire day, it helps to give you an idea of what to expect from your photographer. Since a lot of people tend to feel uneasy with being the centre of attention, especially in front of a camera, the engagement photo session can act as a sort of trial run for the wedding, helping to ease any anxiety or concerns you may have.


4) Provides you with professional photos to incorporate into your wedding: Engagement photos are a great opportunity to get professional photos of you and your partner. It also provides you with material to use in wedding related items such as save the date cards, wedding website, guest signing book, etc.


5) Gives you an idea of what your finished wedding day photos will look like: Every Photographer is different and have their own unique way of capturing and editing photos. Having your Photographer take engagement photos of you and your partner prior to your big day, will allow you to get an idea of what to expect your wedding day photos to look like and can provide comfort that you picked a photographer that will meet your expectations.


6) Gives you an idea of what you will look like in your wedding photos: Combining your hair and make-up trial the same day as your engagement photo session is a great way to get a preview of what you will look like in your wedding photos. It also allows you to determine if you have a “good side” and a “bad side” and if your hair and make-up choices will live up to your expectations in photos.


7) Spend quality time with your partner: The last, and maybe most important reason why engagement photos are so important, is that they allow you to spend quality time with your partner. Wedding planning can be stressful and takes up a lot of time in your probably already overbooked busy schedule. Engagement photos can give you a break from that stress, allowing you and your partner to have some fun together and reconnect.


Bottom line is that although engagement photos are not necessarily required when it comes to a wedding, they can be a positive and fun experience, preparing you and your partner for your wedding day photos. Since every couple is different, the decision to have engagement photos taken depends entirely on the individual couple and whether they believe that engagement photos will have a worthwhile impact on their wedding planning experience.

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